Dr Benjamin Pothier (University of Plymouth (UK), School of Art Design and Architecture, Faculty of Arts Humanities and Business, international research program of the Planetary Collegium), is aprofessional explorer, human factor expert, interdisciplinary researcher and a photographer/film maker born in France in 1973. Through his participation to expeditions on remote locations and analog astronaut trainings worldwide, Benjamin specializes in Life experiences in I.C.E [Isolated, Confined and Extreme] environments and their studies.

He has participated to expeditions from the driest desert on Earth to the Northernmost human settlement and was elected in 2018 as an International fellow member of the Explorers Club (NYC). Benjamin was the first French person selected for both the Arctic Circle Residency in the Arctic Ocean and Svalbard organized by The FARM.INC, NYC in 2013, and the Ars Bio Arctica Residency at Kilpisjarvi’s research station in Finland organized by the Bioart Society in 2014. He has taught Cinema, Documentary and 360 filmmaking at the DeTAo Master’s academy in Shanghai, and was invited to be a visiting scholar at the Center for Saami and Indigenous studies at Tromsø University in Norway. He his a former recipient of the LunAres 2021 research Grant, the School of Arts, Design and Architecture PGR Fund Grant 2017 (University of Plymouth) and the French-Norwegian Center in Human and Social Sciences 2014 Grant. Benjamin has lived twice on active volcanoes (Ojos del Salado, Chile and Grimsvotn volcano, Iceland)and experienced twice extreme high altitude ( 5500 meters ( 18044,62 ft) in Nepal and 6000 meters (19685,04 ft) in the Atacama desert in Chile.




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