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I work as a freelance philosopher (of science), and as a professional in the world of philosophy. I am practically oriented and interested in the process of idea development and the ‘how and why’ behind a theory or process. Over the last seven years, I have organized, directed, and programmed many interdisciplinary workshops, meetings, and lectures – in assignment as well as for my platform, Future Based. I have extensive experience in film and philosophy lectures, utopian and dystopian thinking, philosophy of science (astronomy), interdisciplinary research, and philosophy.

I believe that interdisciplinary research allows for a synthesis of ideas that integrates characteristics from different disciplines. The crossing of borders between disciplines can be highly potent spaces, but the challenge lies in how to bridge the different disciplines in such ways that they can trade and integrate information successfully. Moreover, studying topics thematically is an ideal way to bring a variety of ideas and approaches together, which can result in inspiration, new perspectives, and meaningful learning. As a philosopher of science, I have a strong focus in my research on philosophy in astronomy and space.

As the founder of the Future Based platform I’m responsible for curating the program, as well as executing the projects and ideas. I now work with a (permanent) team of freelancers to ensure the continuity of Future Based. For more information and personal motivation on this project, please visit this link. If you want to know more about the projects, please click here.

For more information on my work experience, take a look at my CV or visit (Dutch website).

Sabine Winters


Radboud University – Master degree – Philosophy of Science

Thesis on the work of Johannes Kepler as a thought experiment

Utrecht University – Bachelor degree- Philosophy

Thesis on the role of imagination in scientific thought experiments

Certified courses:

Curating New Media Art: Process, Interaction, Virtuality: Node Center (March – May 2019)

Philosophy of Technology : Twente University (May 2018)

Curating Art and Science; potentials and pitfalls: Node Center (January – March 2018)

Recent projects :

Founder & director interdisciplinary philosophy platform Future Based (2018- now)

Philosophy teacher Product Design ArtEZ (2022 – now)

Projectleader at Oddstream, platform for art and technology (2021- now)

Projectleader artist in residency Foreland Studios (2021 – now)

Head arist in residency programme design studio Fillip Studios ( 2019-2021)


Oddstream | Nxt Museum |Billy Town | Platform POST| ArtEZ | iArts Hogeschool Zuyd | Task Force Fashion | HKU Gamedesign | O-P-A Design platform | Cultuur op de Campus | Hubert | Lorentz Center Leiden University | Louis Hartlooper Complex | Focus Filmtheater | Kunst op de Koffie | Lab11 | Collectie de Groen | Winterlab ArtEZ | ArtEZ | SLAK Ateliers | Nacht van de Filosofie Den Haag | Wageningen Universiteit Studium Generale | Provincie Gelderland | Gemeente Arnhem | Theater aan de Rijn |HKU Utrecht| Generale Oost |Fooddesign studio Katja Gruijters | Studio Halfvol | Ruimtekoers| State of Fashion | Fillip Studios | | In4nite Design | The Asimov Institute | Hubert Nijmegen | Stichting Beeldende Kunst Den Haag | WORM Rotterdam | Rozet Arnhem | Overdenkwerk | In4nite design platform (Low &Bonar)

Initiated projects:

Curator and moderator of a series of film events on science and the imagination, Fiction meets Science (autumn 2022.)

Writer and teacher of the course Film as Philosophy (2022-present) and The Thinking Film (2018-2022). Both courses were given at Focus Film theater, Louis Hartloopercomplex and Studium Generale Wageningen.

Writer and teacher of the workshop, What is an Utopia? (2019) Lectured among other at ArtEZ Winterlab and Gamedesign HKU.

Co-initiator and board member of the art fair Get Fed Art Fair (2016-2018).

Presentation Future Based for ArtEZ Finals 2022  and interview with Aafje Bep van Grieken.






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