The interdisciplinary platform Future Based (2018) and my research on the role of imagination in science at Scientific Imagination (2021) are non-profit projects. The lectures, meetings, podcasts and articles are made possible by a team of volunteers (myself among them) and a limited number of paid positions. We have now hosted over 50 lectures, and over 55 podcast episodes. There is also an open Google Drive where you can find documents from the reading groups. To make Future Based and Scientific Imagination possible, there is now a Ko-Fi site where you can support the initiatives; Ko-fi is a platform similar to Patreon in that it allows people to donate to different users, mostly creators.

By making a (one-time) donation (aka buying a cup of coffee) you support my work and in doing so you make the platform, meetings and podcasts possible. Proceeds go to Scientific Imagination and Future Based programming.

More information can be found on my Ko-Fi page, click here.

For more information about my work, click here for the English version / here for the Dutch version or visit my LinkedIn profile.

Thank you for your consideration.

Sabine Winters

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