In this podcast I exchange thoughts Daniela de Paulis about talking to the Moon, through radio waves. We talk about sending brainwaves into space while being asleep and about looking at projects in terms of making social impact.

Daniela de Paulis is a former contemporary dancer and a media artist exhibiting internationally. She is also a licensed radio operator (IU0IDY) and a radio telescope operator. Her artistic practice is informed by Space in its widest meaning. Since 2009 she has been implementing radio technologies and philosophies in her art projects. She is the repicient of the Baruch Bloomberg Fellowship in Astrobiology at the Green Bank Observatory in West Virginia. For her projects, she has been using state of the art radio telescopes, such as the Square Kilometre Array in the UK, as well as historical antennas, such as the Bochum Radio Observatory (DE) and the Dwingeloo radio telescope (NL), where she has been the first artist in residence from 2009 and 2019. More recently, she has been collaborating with the Human Space Program, lead by space philosopher Frank White, with the Space and Society Working Group lead by philosopher James Schwartz and with the Lifeboat Foundation. She is a member of the IAA SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Permanent Committee and a member of the METI (Messaging Extraterrestrial) Committee.


Daniela de Paulis