Ruvimbo Samanga has a deep appreciation for the creative arts and how it brings inspiration to education, business, and leadership. She is devouted to community engagement and making meaningful relationships with others.

Ruvimbo was the National Point of Contact in Zimbabwe under the Space Generation Advisory Council, which works in collaboration with the United Nation’s Programme on Space Applications. She has held Research positions at the Open Lunar Foundation and UNECA, and has served as a Ban Ki-moon Global Citizen Scholar.

Ruvimbo is the CEO & Founder of AgriSpace, and a Space Policy Analyst specialising in the African traditional and NewSpace industry, working with national, regional and global organisations to build space law capacity. She is a social entrepreneur and space educator, and deeply passionate about youth-led sustainable development. Her interests are multi-discplinary, and she describes herself as a keen space enthusiast and advocate.

In this episode, I go into conversation with Ruvimbo about the multifaceted nature of her work, about rights, laws, equality and why space requires an interdisciplinary approach when it comes to law.



00:00:00 – 00:01:30 Introduction / 00:02:00 Zimbabwe and creatives industry / 00:03:00 Space Law and imagination/ 00:07:00 Virtue, emotion and imagination in law / 00:10:00 Systems of Patriarchy and women in STEM / 00:17:00 Fictional Citizenship /00:20:00 The role of undeserved communities / 00:23:00 Future decision-making/ 00:24:00 Recommendations

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