Erik Laan is a Space Industry Consultant, a technical specialist in optical science instrument satellite payloads, with system engineering experience in the field of space robotics and microgravity. His technical specialities are Space Systems Engineering, the Science/User/Mission-requirements and Scientific data analysis. He is deeply intimate with what is going on in the Global Space Industry. He really enjoys entertaining the audience that is keen to learn more about Space and all its dimensions. Erik is the founder of Eye On Orbit, a company devoted to bringing developments in space exploration and commerce to society and business. In addition he is one of the Space Cowboys, a radio program on BNR a Dutch radio station, in which he brings the latest news on space and astronomy. In this podcast we explore a wide variety of topics, among other the relationship of imagination with space engineering.

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00:00:00 Introduction / 00:01:00 Space engineering / 00:03:00 Fascinating space / 00:07:00 Wonderment through realization / 00:07:00 Designing and imagination / 00:09:00 Imagination as a guide to possibilities / 00:10:00 The human eye and its scope / 00:18:00 Space ethics? / 00:21:00 Elon and space debris / 00:28:00 Aliens are observing us / 00:30:00 Outro


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