Marques D. Anderson, is an innovator and thought leader working at the nexus of indigenous wisdom, modern technology and future communities.

After a professional pivot from the NFL in 2006, Marques founded and directed the World Education Foundation which bridges the gap between academia, technology, and implementation in local communities around the world. In 2017 he founded Urban Matrix One, a startup developing solutions at the intersection of satellite imagery, machine learning and urban infrastructure. while currently building out -ism Consultancy with co-founder Adah Parris.

Marques is currently an Independent Consultant for IDEO and has worked with organizations such as the United Nations Foundation, MIT Media Labs, HATCH, TWIN Global, EY, UCLA, Stanford, Harvard, NASA, and The Good Shepherd Sisters Foundation, amongst many other global institutions and thought leaders. Marques brings 14+ years of experience in global and local community development.

Marques’ personal interests are focused on Cyborg Anthropology, Regenerative Land Use and Communities, Circular Economy, Generative Design, Computer Vision, Life Enhancement/Extension, Quantum Computing, and Space.

In this podcast episode I go into conversation with Marques on the role and function of imagination throughout his career and in what ways he is working on a new collective imagination.